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The 2plusz1 Party and Wedding Band was founded around 2000 by two good friends Viktor and Máté. They wanted to create a great, cloudlessly happy music formation, which is only exclusively about loving and enjoying live music. They had been playing in many-many fomrmations and Party and wedding Bands as key members, building up their knowledge and competence. At last they decided to forge this long and comprehensive experience with their talents in their genes herited from their aincient ancestors and found this incredible TEAM:
(1) Enjoy the music!
It is important to love, what you are doing or we do together in the band! If you enjoy we are half there as you happy and eagerness will infect your audiance!
It is independent from where we are or who we are. Whether we play as Wedding Band or Party Band the most importnat is to release the gin from the lamp, give 110%, loose yourself! This makes the party so FANTASTIC!
(3) "Do, whatever you want!"
You can set yourself free of course but as one team! Let's roll on our faces and have torpidness and jamboree but keep our music as a whole! We must keep music, harmony! You can play freerly if it sounds good!
(4) Only Live Music!
Music infested with machines similar to other areas in all around the world. We use them as well. But we utilize it only to spread, amplify, enhance the music. All what you hear every piece of sound is LIVE, born in that very moment createing special, unique, unrepetable atmospehere and feeling solely for you for the local audiance!


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I was born in 1979. My parents reconized quite early my attraction to music. Even in kindergarten era I had been "carried" from group to group to sing and entertain. I was enrolled into a music school from my early school years, and from now on my stage became my life. My junior music teacher - to whom I am gratefully think of even today - saw in me the talent "X" and due to her advice I began to train my voice at an opera school in Budapest. Later, my heart turned to pop music, so I ended up in gentle hands of Olga Sík. I worked as a singer in several Hungarian and foreign productions and after a little detour my old friend invited me to join the 2plusz1 Party and Wedding Band and I immediately and gladly said yes.


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16.10.1979, Budapest. I started my drummer career at the age of 9. During an orchestral rehearsal started to play the Hammer To Fall song from Queen without any previous education...it was such a surprise even to myself ... In the summer of the following year (1990) I sat down to drums for the first time in Balatonvilágos. Since then, over the past 20 years, I have been educating and developing myself continuously. I mention Queen, Rush, Dream Theater, Sting as the dominant bands in my musical style. Among the Hungarian artists I would include the Tatra Band and the LGT. My absolute favorites are Neil Peart, Roger Taylor and Mike Portnoy. I've been to a lot of party and wedding bands, and since 1992 I've been playing with different party and wedding bands. From 1993, I spent several years with the Pub, the Crossroads, the Green Star and the Progressive Story bands that were very dear to my heart. I could play music with the Smile Showtime Band during a tour of the Lake Balaton. In addition, I played on Edda's 2013 tour as a pre-band drummer on about forty venues. Even in the early days, I considered virtuosity and the importance of drumming to be important, but over time this changed. I learned to put the emphasis on the musical humility that brings to the fore the importance of complex orchestral work and dynamism, of becoming one with the members. This is where the success of the live performances of the 2plusz1 Party and Wedding Band, at least greatly contributes to the magic of the live performances, the balance between the members, the harmony and the way we think about our music.


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I was born in 1987 in Budapest. I'm a composer, arranger, pianist. I learnt conservatory classical composition, saxophone, double bass, solfeeze music theory and arm driving. I graduated in Budapest Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music with a degree in creative arts and musicology-jazz composition and a conductor. At the moment I am also involved in staging and arranging musicals (eg.: Shrek, Fiddler on the roof).

As a keyboardist I have played in countless Party- and Wedding Bands , different event orchestras all around in Hungary. I've also contirbuted in many publice events, in- and outdoor shows and festivals as well on both sides as musician and technical manager.


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I was born on September 23, 1977. I have been singing since my childhood. I inherited the musical love of my mother and grandmother. In elementary school, at the instigation of my mother, I started studying the piano, although my friends and football were still very distracting. I continued my music studies in many music schools until the middle of my university years. That's when I started to become more interested in singing on stage. The "big" breakthrough came from an ad caught in a newspaper. A party band arranged recruitment in an unusual way. Listening to a karaoke bar for the first time in my life, I had to sing the famous song "Stand by me" in a Karaoke bar. This was my firs public performance ever. I succeeded, they took me. And from this point my career devided into 2 tracks. I got my first diploma at BME Electrical Engineering in line with many stalls, village days, weddings, weddings, balls, company events and other experiences with wedding and party bands. After a few years working abroad experienve as I returned to Hungary with my good old friend Máté we formed the 2plusz1 Party and Wedding Band in 2003.


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I was born on 07.05.1987 in Szeged. My first musical experiences were in the high school years when I and my friends formed our first band, and we already gave concerts. During my university years I turned to more and more Szeged ensembles and party bands, then in 2008 I left my hometown and moved to Budapest. By 2012 I graduated from Kőbánya Music Studio on an advanced level, where I learned from musicians like Janó Kormos, Ferenc Tornóczky, Gyula Babos, Kornél Fekete-Kovács and Jenő Esze. Currently, I am a professional musician in several party and event bands ranging from jazz to rock 'n' roll to electronic music. In addition to performing on stage, I am also engaged in composing, orchestrating, and teaching music. We have been playing together with the 2plusz1 Party and Wedding Band since May 2014 and we're giving great performances together from this moment.

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